Tyres Services

At Halfords we offer a number of tyre services to help you to keep your car on the road. So if you’re concerned about the condition of your tyres, or just want peace of mind that everything is as it should be, then book your car or van into your local Halfords Autocentre so one of our friendly technicians can help you today.

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Front wheels only
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If you think you have suffered a puncture or your tyre is losing pressure, our expert technicians will inspect the tyre to see if a repair is needed
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Our expert technicians will carry out a pressure check and inspect the tread depth, wear and damage of your tyres
Tips to make your tyres last longer

Your tyres are the only link between your car and the road and provide your car with grip to help with braking and acceleration. They also act as shock absorbers and help to maintain directional control, making them vital for safe driving. It’s important to perform regular checks on your tyres to ensure they are legal and safe for driving and help to reduce the risk of dangerous blowouts and reduced grip and control on the road.

At Halfords, we offer a number of different car tyre services including a range of mobile tyre services to ensure your car is legal and roadworthy and help you to avoid causing any damage to you or your car. Our free tyre check will evaluate the condition of your tyres by carrying out a pressure and tread depth check and examine any wear and tear to ensure your tyres are legal and roadworthy. If our technicians identify any problems during a check, they will offer impartial advice on how to rectify the issue and get your car back on the road. So whether your tyres just don’t feel quite right, or you’re unsure about how to check the condition of your tyres yourself, our free tyre checks is the ideal service for you.

We also offer wheel balancing and wheel alignment near you at Halfords Autocentres across the UK. Wheel alignment, also known as tracking, is a vital aspect of car maintenance in order to keep your wheels at the correct angle. Your wheels can become misaligned for a number of reasons, including driving down potholes or hitting kerbs at speed - resulting in an increase in fuel consumption and wear on your tyres. During a wheel alignment service, our expert technicians will realign your wheels according to your car manufacturer’s guidelines and get you safely back on the road.

Additionally, our wheel balancing service helps to ensure an even weight distribution of the wheel and tyre around the axle. This is achieved by placing offset weights at different points on the wheel to ensure each tyre is correctly balanced and avoid premature, uneven wear on your tyres.

No matter what your tyre needs, here at Halfords, we can help you to maintain your tyres to help keep you safe on the road.